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Cluster Training

We love working with partnerships, allowing teachers in local schools to work together to develop their skills and broaden their knowledge in a collaborative environment.


Our Cluster training is designed for one or two teachers from each school in a cluster or learning partnership to be part of a group that meets weekly for 5 weeks. The focus is on teaching with technology and understanding how by adapting teaching and learning strategies we can embed it effectively into existing planning.

Sessions are a series of scaffolded sessions designed for teachers involved to gain confidence using technology in their own classrooms. Teachers will improve their practice through observation, reflection, team teaching and constructive peer observations.

Participants will have the opportunity to watch lessons being taught by experts and peers in different schools within the Cluster. They will learn and practice how to deliver lessons that effectively embed technology, increase opportunities for gathering meaningful AfL and design activities that ensure learning is visible. Participants will also make the most of collaborative tools to share good ideas and practice during the 5 week course.

At the end of the course participants will have built up a portfolio of examples and resources they can share to form a mini inset with other staff at your school.

Cluster training sessions are led by a Computing Curriculum expert or an Apple Education Training for iPad sessions.

Cluster Bundles available

  • Computing Curriculum- Learn how to implement all three aspects of the new computing curriculum in a truly cross curricular way
  • iPad for Learning – learn how to embed iPad effectively so it is supporting the learning process across the curriculum.
  • Bespoke course tailored to the ability and needs of the participants.

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