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Training Events

We think training should be relevant and memorable. We want you to associate what you learn and subsequently use in your classroom to be associated with a great experience so we work with a range of companies and experts to offer a full package of external training experiences. All of our training events are held in venues that will encourage you to take a hands-on student centric approach to learning with iPad. We definitely know you will introduce it more enthusiastically to your students. Our training events are based on our Mastery series [link] and held in interesting locations which if you want, you can replicate with your own students.

If you attend one of our training experience events you will receive one of our “Take Away Toolkits” – a fully supportive digital archive of all materials and guides used. This will help you review and extend what you have learned onsite as well as go back to your own classroom and effectively implement your new skills.

You can book and pay for any of our events securely online, or reserve a place which will be held for 14 days until a purchase order is received from your establishment.

If you would like us to organise a bespoke training experience for staff in your Trust, Learning Partnership or Authority, then please contact us.

Upcoming Training Events

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